Bob Moog patents

Kevin Lightner majmoog at
Fri Aug 30 09:38:14 CEST 1996

Thanks for the patent site!

Here is what I found from a search for Robert and Moog-

S13: 9 documents found

   Score Patent

       336 US4180707  Distortion sound effects circuit
       336 US4166197  Parametric adjustment circuit
       328 US4050343  Electronic music synthesizer
       328 US4117413  Amplifier with multifilter
       328 US4108041  Phase shifting sound effects circuit
       328 US4213367  Monophonic touch sensitive keyboard
       328 US4202238  Compressor-expander for a musical instrument
       328 US4280387  Frequency following circuit
       328 US4778951  Arrays of resistive elements for use in touch panels
and for ...


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