Front plate design

Mark Pulver mpulver at
Thu Aug 29 16:07:49 CEST 1996

At 09:14 AM 8/29/96, Christopher List said:

>Well the other problem is the aluminum panels themselves. The guy said that if 
>I supply the panels, then the printing costs onlone would be $20 each - half 
>the $40 price is for the panels. Anyone know where we could get 4-space rack 
>panels for less than $20 per?

American Musical Supply (800-458-4076) sells 3 space *steel* for $12.50. You
may wanna call and see if than can order 4 space panels. They're pretty good
about getting ahold of stuff that's not in the catalog. But yeah, steel's a
bitch to drill.


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