Front plate design

Christopher List Christopher_List at
Wed Aug 28 15:58:36 CEST 1996

Oh yeah, one more thing...

I though it would be a cool, space efficient, way to mount the PCB if you put 
it on 1" stand-offs parallel to the plane of the face panel, behind the panel. 
Instead of perpendicular. I don't have the ASM-1 board here, but would a 
3-space panel be too small (height-wise) to do this kind of thing? See, I 
wanted to make mine into a road case as well, but I was going to save space by 
making it really shallow front to back, rather than really short top to bottom. 
Afterall, it makes no sense to put it in a standard SKB rack, even if the PCB 
is perpendicular - you're still wasting a whole lot of space. I say put it in 
the bottom (or top and bottom!) half of something like a single-turntable road 
case, or a keyboard case.

Just something to think about...

- CList

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