Get his possible news!

Aural Research Facilities rmiller at
Fri Aug 23 00:01:51 CEST 1996

A person at the following address

bah13 at
Bernard Hutchins <bah13 at>

has just sent me email asking why I have his, Bernard Hutchins (Electronotes
Newsletter author), schematics up on my homepage.

I fired him off, politely, 6 questions asking information on him.  If he
answers all these questions (some of them are tough to answer) correctly, I
will believe that it is actually Bernie, and not a faker.

Can anyone else tell me where this above address of his is from?  Bernie
works at the Ithaca University in New York.  Cornell is a different
University .... ???

As far as Bernie stating in the Electronotes Newsletter, that he is
unconcerned whether commercial companies build machines from his schematics,
I had no fear in posting his schematics.  Now, I have to wonder.

With the amount of people that have those schematics up on their homepages
around the world though, Bernie can't possibly stop them all.  I'm going to
wait and see what my Internet provider tells me to do, either way.  I will
follow his instructions.

Thanks for any possible information!

                       Aural Research Facilities
        "Building the lowest cost modular synths, in the .... :) "
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