Best CEM3340 VCO Design

Scott Morgan interval at
Tue Aug 20 02:21:52 CEST 1996

>        I am interested in building several VCOs using the CEM 3340 chip. 
>Can anyone advise me about the best design to use?

I recently helped a not-particularly electronics-whizz friend of mine
(ex-Zappa bass player!) build (2) 3340 VCO from the standard-issue Curtis
Notes schematics. 

He used a RadioShack perf-board for the PCB. It worked pretty well - we had
to add some buffers and a pulse-width control. It was very stable &
integrated well with w/ his Serge system.

I think our final somewhat scrawled, beer-soaked schematic is around
somewhere. Got a fax machine?

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