OPA111AM what's this IC ?

Magnus Danielson e93_mda at drum.it.kth.se
Mon Aug 19 16:13:12 CEST 1996

>   Hello people;
>   Just ran over a small stash of linear ic's,  among them; there's some that
> I have no spec's or pinout... don't even know if is linear, or what...
>  the house markings are:  OPA111AM ,the manufacture code is 8925  ( 25th
> week of 1989, I believe ) made by Burr Brown and are 8 pin metal can packs...  

It's a BIFET lownoise OP-amp with 8nV/sqrt(Hz) and has a bias current of max
1 pA

The input impedance is 10 TOhm diffrential and 100 TOhm common mode.

Common mode rejection is min 100 db and open loop gain is min 120 db which is
pretty good.

It has the same pinning as the old 741 but here it is anyhow:

	1	Trim1
	2	In-
	3	In+
	4	Vcc-
	5	Trim2
	6	Output
	7	Vcc+
	8	GND

It's housed in a TO-99. It's pin 8 which is under the tap.

Power supply should typhically be +/- 15 V.

Slewrate is 2V/usec and smallsignal frequency respons goes up to 2MHz where as
large signals only go up to 32 KHz... should however be sufficient for many
audio things (not requireing high slewrate).

It sounds like a usefull little device so use it with care... and yes, beware
for electrostatics!!

They have examples of use for it... how about a Tomography Scanner Channel
Amplifier or maybe a 0.6 Hz Low-Pass filter is of interest?

This thing could be used for LOW frequency LFOs among other things.

>    Does someone know anything about this IC's... been searching all over the
> place, but no success so far... I will apreciate any info...

I looked it up in my Burr-Brown catalogue...

You can find it at the web at


but you can find more at


Oh, BTW. I have collected some links which you migth find at


Not very much currently, but it's there anyhow.... please contribute!


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