Fast-fourrier transformation

Bert Schiettecatte Bert.Schiettecatte at
Sat Aug 17 14:52:45 CEST 1996


I'm working with a friend on a VCO, and I have coded a little
program in turbo pascal, that allows you to draw a wave,
and then send all 256 steps thru the parallel port, to the VCO.

I will need a way to find out the base frequency of this 256step wave,
in order to scale it (by delays between steps) to the correct
frequency for each note ... could you PLEASE (we're both in
high school, and we don't know anything about this kind
of advanced mathematics) help us by telling us how we could calculate
the base frequency?

someone told us this is a fast-fourrier analysis, but we don't
know how to do that either ... please help!

Many thanks in advance!!!

Bert Schiettecatte.
aka Celtic Matrix of TRAXX.

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