SID chip

Gimle / sYmptom , Toni Aittoniemi tonika at
Sat Aug 10 11:26:45 CEST 1996

> SAM where/is able to generate sound with a very small delay from that of
> pressing enter to somthing like:
> 	say "Hello World!
> You could also tweek parameters... have to check if they where *live* 
> tweakable.

In my memory the SAM program generated some sort of sample-like thingy
before playback. Some kinda SID-parameter dumplist.

> With some effort you could get it to say things in something that vagly 
> resembled to swedish... but I guess most of you don't consider that the most
> important thing... rigth? :)

Yeah.. You could even make it sound a bit like finnish.
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