WWW archive and search engine

Magnus Danielson e93_mda at drum.it.kth.se
Fri Aug 2 03:08:04 CEST 1996

> Rick Jansen <rick at sara.nl> writes:
> >The WWW archive has been updated, all messages can be read through
> >the web. A search-engine has been added so you can even search the
> >archive on topics. 
> Interestingly enough, this works for me, even though the URL for the
> whole archive doesn't and never has -- I consistently get:
>    Error 404
>    Not found - file doesn't exist or is read protected [even tried multi] 
>    CERN httpd 3.0
> I can't see that I'm doing anything wrong.  Does the whole-archive URL
> (http://www.sara.nl/Archive/Archive.html) fail to work for anyone else?

Yes. It fails to me too...

Besides, the "error" link points to CERN instead of W3 Consortium, the HTTPD
at least needs reconfig... (I'm no CERN HTTPD expert...)


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