ASM Power consumption?

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Fri Aug 2 02:06:48 CEST 1996

     Sorry guys but I have to answer this question with a big resounding "I 
     don't know". All my ASM's are boxed up due to our recent move to our 
     new house and I haven't had the chance to un-box them and fire them up 
     yet (low priority what with the new baby and all - never a dull moment 
     these days).
     Calculating the current draw may be possible but I'd end up measuring 
     it with a meter anyway to check the calculations! Also remember that 
     lots of the panel pots will be voltage dividers between -15 and +15 so 
     these must be considered also. Different builders will use different 
     pots and although you can use a 10K for example for a VCO course tune, 
     it will consume 10 times what a 100K will draw!
     Hopefully I'll be able to provide some numbers in the near future 
     (like in the next month or two).
     - Gene
     gstopp at

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Subject: RE: ASM Power consumption?
Author:  Dan Higdon <hdan at> at ccrelayout
Date:    8/1/96 2:57 PM

I was curious about this too.... Gene?
Dan Higdon (hdan at
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Subject:  ASM Power consumption?
I got a +-15Volt power supply and I have this feeling it may not put out 
enough current.  It is rated at .5amps at the + and .25 at the -.
I am particularly concerned becuase I am considering doing 2 ASM-1s and
the Moog filter in the future, and I want it to come off of 1 power supply.
Does anyone have an idea of how much power the ASM-1 consumes?

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