SID chip

jupiter4 jupiter4 at
Thu Aug 1 16:39:38 CEST 1996

>There was this little software called SAM which could do this... I still

>I must fool around with it some day...

Send me a copy and I'll fool with it too :)

> The CV input would be cool, its only 4 bit resolution tho I think. How
> you do a gate????
>8 bit...
>Gate input is certainly possible... lot's of unused inputs...

Yea, spotted this in the Docs after I e-mailed, thats pretty good resolution
(for a machine of its vintage)  for a dual CV interface ....
Or manual pot control assignable to various values in software. I have
thought recently about the possibilities of using one of my many C64'S (I
just keep buying them for peanuts at car boot sales...) as an effects
processor on one of the Auxialliaries on my mixer. The more I think about it,
the madder ideas I keep getting for a nutty effects box....

Cheers, Dave ...

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