AW: Hacking Stomp Boxes

jupiter4 jupiter4 at
Thu Aug 1 16:22:06 CEST 1996

Hi All,

This is something I have thought of doing. I have bought the Maplin Autowah
pcb ( i have some of the components, but on reflection I should have just
bought the kit), this is an LM13700 based wah wah, but I alos have the Babani
book on Practical Electronic Filters and some other bits of info. This same
circuit is in one of the books and explained better.

Waht I plan to do is make this into a voltage controlled filter module with
LP, BP, HP outputs. I have already planned this on paper, and the text
explains how the input goes thru an envelope follwer to create voltage
control for the filter so I'll probably make it switchable from VC or Env

Maplin also do a proper Wah Wah pedal which is again similar in design, and I
have plans to get this and mod this as well. When I eventually find time to
do this lot I'll post my findings.

My main priority at the moment is housing, the Maplin, SSM2044 and 2045 kits 
and the VCA and VCF PAIA kits into Vero Rack.

Of course thats after I have finsihed rebuilding my whole studio and workshop
into one room after the girlfriend and I have finally settled on a room in
the house for all my stuff. This is the 3rd move of all my kit in as many
Its gone from upstairs to downstairs to upstairs (2rooms) to upstairs 1 large
room. The upshot of all this is that my Knee gave up the ghost while I was
rewiring all the mains, before I even did signal/MIDI etc....
Know I can't do much at all until it heals up, so I'm NetSurfing and British
Librarying and doing a major info collation for my own little library.

Cheers, Dave ...

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