AW: Hacking Stomp Boxes

Haible_Juergen#Tel2743 HJ2743 at
Fri Aug 2 01:15:00 CEST 1996

> about how cool it would be to make it into a module and replace the pots 
> voltage-controlled resistances (for feedback and effect mix).
> Anybody have any good stories and/or tips for hacking stomp boxes and 
> them into a modular?

Here's a different idea - in fact just the opposite:
I found that some of these cheap FX boxes, though they aren't the most
flexible devices ever made - are often optimal for a certain, single sound.
So I ended up with this:
I use a 50-Dollar-Phaser-box for my CX-3 organ all the time with a fixed
setting, where it produces a very nice frequency dependant overdrive
sound, and I haven't changed the knob setting for years. I made little
marks on the front panel, in case the knobs would be turned by accident,
and I even thought of *gluing* them to the front panel.
I also found that I preferred a certain graphic EQ setting for a certain
type of synth sounds, so I built little boxes with a few gyrators (well, 
for all channels that were not in the 0dB position on the EQ), and fixed
resistors and capacitors for just one single setting. When I used to own
a DX-7, I even put one of these boxes *inside*, with just a switch for
on or off.


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