apology for virus post

Jones jdjones at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 1 14:04:15 CEST 1996

I've received numerous responses to my post about the virus. I started
apologizing to each of you, but there were sooooo many letters. So, let me
explain: My husband and I share a mailbox, including a nickname folder. When
this came in, I sent it to everyone in the folder because neither Geoff or I
had ever heard of such a thing. I was just trying to save everyone some
grief. Again I'm sorry.

Deb (Geoff's wife)

On a somewhat less pleasant note, I can't believe how quickly some of you
were ready to criticize and get down right nasty. Geoff was even told if he
sent anything about it again, he'd be booted. Maybe I'm totally naive, but I
had hoped good intentions would be seen as such. 

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