Terrence Thomas Book

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Thu Aug 1 04:59:51 CEST 1996

>Can anyone post the spec on the Terrence Thomas book publisher, date etc.

Sound Synthesis: Analog and Ditigtal Techniques
Terence Thomas
copyright 1990 by TAB books
ISBN 0-8306-9276-2   0-8206-9276-X (pbk.)
Dewey #786.74
Lib of Cong # TK7868.D5T49 1990

BTW, is there anyone out there with this book that can explain how the top
octave circuit shown in figure 10-6 and 10-7 works?  He says it produces
a full poly keyboard, but I don't understand how this is works with one
out.  If I hook this up to a VCO and play 2 notes, do I get two tones?
If so, why?  TIA.

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