Goodbye to Bernie Hutchins :(

Aural Research Facilities rmiller at
Fri Aug 30 23:42:03 CEST 1996

Bernie Hutchins has been given the opportunity to allow me to advertise his
Electronotes Newsletters and books for sale on my homepage, as well as
assign him credit for all of his work that I had posted, to my homepage.
Bernie has not responded to the offer of above, as Bernie had originally
requested, in 3 days.

Now, that's just too bad.

I forwarn anyone else who has Bernie's schematics up on their webpage.  I
don't know what sort of power/pursuasion abilities he has, but I also don't
trust him.

I will be reposting Electronotes schematics to my homepage, but they will be
altered to reflect the modifications that I have done to them, for the
circuits that I have built.  Essentially, this will take the say of Bernie,
away from him for circuits that he published before the Copyrights laws came
through to his benefit in 1979.

This will though, give me the rights to post them, as far as I understand,
as they will no longer be the original schematic that Bernie published.
They'll be my alteration.  Bernie will receive credits to the original (or
whoever wrote it will), but I will also receive credits for modifications.

If anyone knows of any trouble that this may cause, please clue me in.

Take care all,

                       Aural Research Facilities
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