Patents, Serge and Buchla etc.

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Fri Aug 30 17:35:01 CEST 1996

Thanks for the posts re the Serge Waveshaper.

If you are interested in finding Patents there is a FREE abstaract search engine (for US patents post 1974) at
For UK readers patent copies can be obtained from: The British Library, Patent Express, 25 Southampton Buildings, London WC2A 1AW
for a modest cost.  Several major Public libraries eg Manchester keep copies of US Patents.

Does anyone have copies of Serge or Buchla 2xx module Schematics to trade?

I have the following for trade:

Arp:		Avatar, Axxe, Sequencer
Chroma		Chroma
Digisound		Voice module.
Maplin		Spectrum
Sequential		Sixtraks
Roland		JP6, JX3, JX8, VP330, Dimension D
Yamaha		CS30, CS50, CS60, SK20? and some stuff on the CS80

Also I have odd bits and pieces for various Korg stuff. 

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