Paia FracRak and CEM/SSM Descriptions?

Dan Higdon hdan at
Fri Aug 30 04:46:43 CEST 1996

I am using a FracRak for my first few modules.  It is a little too crowded for
my tastes.  (I've been plugging a different system over on 'bode' that is
much less crowded.)  You may find the ASM-1 board doesn't fit very well
unless you try to lay it "face up" on the bottom.  The major strength of the
FracRak is that you can make small modules independantly.  If you want to
use a whole panel up, you should probably just buy a full panel.  It would
probably be cheaper.

There is nothing keeping you from getting a 3U panel and drilling it in the same
pattern that you would have with a FracRak for the ASM-1 modules.  I only
suggest this because it will be cheaper, and you can save your FracRak for
custom modules.

Here's how I've used my FracRak so far:
1 Noise (1 space) - 4 plugs, 1 knob for a fixed CV out
1 VCO, under construction (2 spaces)
1 VCF, under construction (2 spaces)
1 LFO (1 space) - Rate, Shape, Offset knobs, LED, Ramp and Pulse out.
1 AD/AR, under construction (2 spaces)
1 VCA (1 space) - Level and CV amount knobs, CV, Scaled CV, Ain, Aout jacks
1 Output (1 space) - Level knob, Ain jack, Aout 1/4" jack in a "knob position"

As you can see by the "under construction"s, I still have a ways to go. :-)

If you do decide to go with the FracRak, I have already done the measurements
for drilling patterns that work.  In one space, you can comfortably fit
3 potentiometers and 4 banana jacks  (the pots lined up vertically and the
jacks in a 2x2 arrangement at the bottom).  Sometime this weekend, I'm
hoping to get the drilling template scanned and on my webpage.  I'll mention
it when this happens.  I will also put up a baby picture of Wally (my Wall of Knobs,
really just a few panels of knobs! :-), and anything else I can think of.


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Subject: 	Paia FracRak and CEM/SSM Descriptions?

Hello list,

   Have anybody tried using the Paia FracRak system for their modular
projects? For anyone who doesn't know what it is, the FracRak (Short for
Fractional Rack), is a 3U Rackmount cage which holds vertical black
aluminum panels, between 1.5 to 4.5 inches wide. There's room horizontally
for 10 1.5 inch panels. the cage is $16.25 and the panels $3-$4 each. You
can also get Top/Bottom covers for $9.75.
   This seems ideal for a compact modular system. Has anyone tried it? Is
it perhaps too crowded? My thought is to use it for the ASM-1, making
"modules" for the different components (VCA's EG's etc). Then, if I want to
extend the system with more modules, they will match in style and format.
What do you think?

   Also, is there anywhere I can find a listing of the functions of the
different CEM and SSM chips out there? I tend to confuse all the numbers,
so a guide would be most helpful.

Mathias Tornqvist

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