Paia FracRak and CEM/SSM Descriptions?

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Thu Aug 29 22:41:34 CEST 1996

At 02:30 PM 8/29/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Hello list,
>   Have anybody tried using the Paia FracRak system for their modular
>projects? For anyone who doesn't know what it is, the FracRak (Short for
>Fractional Rack), is a 3U Rackmount cage which holds vertical black
>aluminum panels, between 1.5 to 4.5 inches wide. There's room horizontally
>for 10 1.5 inch panels. the cage is $16.25 and the panels $3-$4 each. You
>can also get Top/Bottom covers for $9.75.
>   This seems ideal for a compact modular system. Has anyone tried it? Is
>it perhaps too crowded? My thought is to use it for the ASM-1, making
>"modules" for the different components (VCA's EG's etc). Then, if I want to
>extend the system with more modules, they will match in style and format.
>What do you think?
>   Also, is there anywhere I can find a listing of the functions of the
>different CEM and SSM chips out there? I tend to confuse all the numbers,
>so a guide would be most helpful.
>Mathias Tornqvist

What your talking about is exactly what I'm planning in using the FracRak.
Yes they are small, but that is what I want.  I bought a bunch of mini pots
(.6" diam) from a vendor and am using banana jacks.  This combination will
allow me to get quite a bit in that space.  I'm also planning to leave all
inputs at full level (no pot) with all outputs having level pots.  I'll also
have a couple of attenuator modules, inverters and mixer modules.

I don't think that it would work out well with full size pots and 1/4" phone
jacks though if that is what you want to use.

For my ASM-1 however, I was going to buy a 2 RU (3.5"?) panel and wire it up
with the same pots and banana jacks.  I'm also planning to encase it in a
full chassis for EMF protection.  PAiA sells such a set for about $45.  This
should leave me enough room to add a S/H, 4-in mixer, 2 attenuators, 2
inverters, a second LFO, a ring modulator and maybe even some waveshapers !

I realize that both of these will create a crowded system, but what I'm
building is not for use on the road, but just in a studio.

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