Front plate design

R.G. Keen keen at
Thu Aug 29 00:53:58 CEST 1996

>> I dug into silk screening a ways back. You can outright buy screen frames,
>> screening supplies, squeegee, photosensitive stencil, the whole works for 
>> under $200. It seems to me that you could buy black anodized panels, learn 
>Did you look into silkscreening on metal? Word I got was that you need special 
>paints or inks that require strong solvents to get off of the screen - and this 
>winds up destroying the screen (if the screen is made with the normal gel 
>stuff). It's not the same for printing onto paper or fabric. I guess real print 
>places use a different kind of screen-making process for these inks / paints. 
>Did you check all of this out? I'd be curious to know more. I looked into this 
>myself last year, but this is as far as I got.
I didn't dig all that far into it, but assume you destroy the screen at the
end of the batch entirely. Texas Screen Supply in Dallas will sell you wood
frame pre stretched screens for $25-30 each. If you have to use something as 
nasty as epoxy paints (presumably with long pot life), and don't even try to
clean the screen, it still looks cheaper, even if you use several screens.

I think what is really happening is this - printing shops hate small orders,
and want you to pay dearly for them. That is what has happened every time I've
approached them. 

Sign shops, by the way, are much better with small unit orders. Hardly anyone 
orders 40 of the same sign. You might check a sign shop. These are more like 
metal signs than printed paper. 


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