Panel design ala the Fool....

Kevin Lightner majmoog at
Wed Aug 28 22:55:29 CEST 1996

My choice for most panels is still engraving. I know it is pricey.

As a recent example, I've had a panel engraved for a repackaging of an
Oberheim 4 voice.
It includes the programmer, a MiniSeq and an MPU-101 in it as well.
All the SEM points have been brought out, including an added, LFO depth CV

The panel mockup can be seen at:

Total cost for the work?


A lot, but take a look at how many jacks and legends there are in the drawing.

With so many fewer goodies on an ASM-1, it might still be worth it for the
few that are as weird as I am about this stuff!!

I'm leaving to pick it up right now!  :)


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