Front plate design

Christopher List Christopher_List at
Wed Aug 28 15:41:52 CEST 1996

> I've been trying to figure out what kind of pots to use for the front
> panel.  I wanted something small but good.  Someone here at Digi suggested
> that I find out what pots Mackie uses for their small mixers.  After many
> phone calls, I tracked them down.  They're made by Panasonic and are
> semi-custom.  I got a quote as follows:  1000 minimum order, $0.49 each.
> These are 100k, sealed, no center detent, panel mount.  The only bad part

Panel mount? Both of my small Mackie mixers have PCB-mount pots that don't even 
have threaded bushings...

Are you sure about that? The latest Digikey catalog (and only the latest) has 
**log-taper** panasonic pots that are exactly like what you describe and look 
just like the ones in my Mackies. The ones with the metal bushing are .85 cents 
each for 1000, while the ones with no bushing are .46 cents each for 1000.

Regardless of whether they have bushings or not, it looks like these would be a 
drag to soldier wires to...

- CList

[personal section]
> gigging.  If anyone wants to see this design, let me know.

Can you mail me a .gif?

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