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On 28 Aug 96 at 19:56, Rick Jansen spewed:
> In message <Pine.BSD.3.91.960828063243.1787A-100000 at> you write
> :
> > I'm not sure what the problem is.  Electronotes is not copyrighted, nor 
> > has anyone posted them on their web page for commercial gain.  
> Actually, a copyright notice has no legal status. In fact,
> copyright notices are not necessary, as anything you create
> is "copyrighted" implicitly. Something you create is yours
> unless you did it for an employer or have sold it. Mr. Hutchins
> does not need to label his circuits with a copyright, they're his.
> Copyright notices could be regarded as an extra warning, that the
> originator really does want you to honour his/her copyright and
> not do with "it" as pleases you.

If I'm wrong somebody please correct me, but my understanding is that "a circuit" cannot be protected by copyright (that's 
what patents and trade-secrets are for), but a drawing of "a circuit diagram" can 
be. What this means is that those of us who have made copies of the 
Electronotes PCC would be in violation of Mr. Htchins' copyright, but 
someone who drew his own versions of the schematics and made them 
available on a web page would not be.

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