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Tim Walters walters at
Wed Aug 28 19:44:34 CEST 1996

This message is a bit premature, but since the subject has come up:

I've been trying to figure out what kind of pots to use for the front
panel.  I wanted something small but good.  Someone here at Digi suggested
that I find out what pots Mackie uses for their small mixers.  After many
phone calls, I tracked them down.  They're made by Panasonic and are
semi-custom.  I got a quote as follows:  1000 minimum order, $0.49 each.
These are 100k, sealed, no center detent, panel mount.  The only bad part
is that there's a 21-week lead time.  Our little cabal here figures that by
the time we get the boards stuffed and the panels drilled, 21 weeks will
pass before we know it.

Anyway, we have 11 units, each using around 50 pots.  So if anyone is
interested in this type of pot, there's plenty of room left in the minimum
order.  I'm still waiting for a fax that confirms all the specs and prices.

I also have a front panel design that uses these pots.  It's three rack
spaces and implements every connection on the ASM-1, with an attenuator on
each input (except the keyboard voltage), and room left over for a ring
modulator!  It will definitely be too cramped for some people, but I wanted
to have two ASM-1s, plus auxiliary modules, in a portable rack case for
gigging.  If anyone wants to see this design, let me know.

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