Front plate design

Dan Higdon hdan at
Wed Aug 28 16:58:08 CEST 1996

I have not yet pursued my (preliminary) front plate design.  (RL keeps getting
into the way.)  If you have the capability to design/produce front plates, you
might be just the man to do this.  (Did I send you my GIF?  It's really simple,
and probably needs to asthetic touch-up.)

I don't know what Christopher is up to.  His plate is very Serge-looking and
compact.  He provides what I consider to be a minimum of scaling inputs
for each module, but if it's good enough for Serge, it's probably good enough
for us. :-)

Take a look at Ric's Bernie.  That's what I'm going towards, stylistically.
Mine is less compact (6 spaces), but exposes more of the ASM-1 board's controls.
You have 2 "Straight" CV's, and 2 scaled CV's for every pitch (VCO and VCF),
and almost every other CV has 2 scaled inputs on my panel.  I don't know if that's 
more flexibility than anyone needs, but since the ASM-1 has connectors
for that many inputs....  This sort of goes to my "Wall of Knobs" philosophy. :-)


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can someone please reply to the question whether front-plates for the ASM-1
are being made at large scale (for the list-members). I asked this already a
couple of times but there was no reply. And as I'm designing front-plates at
the moment.....


Are you pondering what I'm pondering Pinky?

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