Source Gone Haywire

Magnus Danielson magda at
Tue Aug 27 01:06:15 CEST 1996

> On Aug 22,  8:09pm, Brendan Heading wrote:
> > Subject: Re: Source Gone Haywire
> > 
> > >  The only sound it makes now is a short (three seconds) burst imediately
> > >  after it's turned on. Then it peters out to a barely audiable signal.
> > >  It was working fine before this started.
> > >   Do you know what the problem is?
> > 
> > My ARP Quartet was doing something similar to this, and I opened it up and
> > found that there were a couple of loose wires inside - due to this dirt
> > cheap thing that Seil used for connecting ribbon cables between the circuit
> > boards.
> > It was like an ordinary IDC header, except you just plugged the bare wires
> > into it!!! Aggh!!
> > 
> >
> Ths Source is packed full of ribbon cable connections using idc headers and
> dil sockets.
> My first step would be to open it up and clean *every* connection in there
> with a suitable contact cleaner.

Beware that some of those DIL socket/bandcable contacts can be pretty hard to
get "rigth". Sometimes has the strength of the springs holding the pins of the
DIL socket gone weak so they will nolonger provide any force. You can almost
look the contact out of the socket. When this happends you better replace the
sockets (be carefull!). Oxide and dirt certainly becomes another evil follower.

> If that doesn't work, cry.

They say that's good for your nerves :)
Now, after drying your red eyes try doing something else and get back and be
calm and patient when trying to figure out why it doesn't work...

Repairing gear is certainly one way of learning self control (is that off-topic


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