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Fri Aug 23 16:50:36 CEST 1996

Hi Ric,

> A person at the following address
> bah13 at
> Bernard Hutchins <bah13 at>
> has just sent me email asking why I have his, Bernard Hutchins (Electronotes
> Newsletter author), schematics up on my homepage.

Isn't it OBVIOUS why his schematics are on your homepage?   ;-)

> Can anyone else tell me where this above address of his is from?  Bernie
> works at the Ithaca University in New York.  Cornell is a different
> University .... ???

Ithaca College and Cornell University are both in Ithaca, New York.  My
uncle started his career with GE when they did someting in cooperation
with Cornell.  If you ever heard of Carl Sagan, he's been a prof at
Cornell for "billions and billions" er, ah, I mean years.  Plus my
brother-in-law works at Cornell (jrichards at
It's entirely possible that BH is currently at Cornell even though
Ithaca College is where people go for a music degree.

Bill Fox	wbf at
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