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>  Sean Costello directed me to your address for a question about a Moog "The
>Source" synthesizer.


>  The only sound it makes now is a short (three seconds) burst imediately
>  after it's turned on. Then it peters out to a barely audiable signal.
>  It was working fine before this started.
>   Do you know what the problem is?

My ARP Quartet was doing something similar to this, and I opened it up and
found that there were a couple of loose wires inside - due to this dirt cheap
thing that Seil used for connecting ribbon cables between the circuit boards.
It was like an ordinary IDC header, except you just plugged the bare wires
into it!!! Aggh!!

Anyway, to fix it I went to the shop and bought some standard pin headers and
some new ribbon cable and IDC plugs, and the thing worked properly again.

Open the Source and check inside to see if there's any loose wires. Waggle 'em
carefully and hold down a key to see if any kind of sound comes out.

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