DIY questions

Erik The ViKing E.G.P.Schuijers at
Sun Aug 18 12:53:26 CEST 1996


Couple of questions:

1) What's a good price for pot knobs??? Where can I find those knobs for
that price??? Over here the cheapest ones with markings are about 1.5
dollar. I wouldn't mind buying a hundred at a time as long as the price is a
bit more fair.

2) Could anyone out there make me the AS-1 (Not the ASM-1!!) PCB from Mikko
Helin's page??? I love it Mikko!!! I can't make them myself at the moment
because I can't print, etch&sketch blabla the whole thing because the Uni is
closed.... and I'm pretty pleased about it too!!!! I could either pay you or
trade it for a (or perhaps a couple) of Formant boards together with the

3) Are the ASM-1 front-plates still under construction or has the idea been


Soon out:

Trash-24: Jam the disco
(Minor analogue content however)
Trashcan Records/Basic Beat Rotterdam (NL)

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