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I can't believe I never read this. Well here' my reply three months late...

At 03:06 PM 5/31/96 -0700, Duane B. wrote:
>   Hello all -
>      A suggested synth (sampler) that is often overlooked is the
>   KORG DSS-1! You can specify the amplitude of harmonics 1 - 128
>   (digital sinewave generator) to generate a basic waveform, then 
>   process it with VCF's and VCA's (yes, they ARE voltage controlled -
>   the filters are curtis chips of some type ... can't remember what
>   number at this point in time.) You can also "draw" waveforms
>   with the DATA SLIDER! You can get very interesting sounds this way,
>   from DXish sounds to analog and everywhere in between. I've used sampled
>   attacks and "drawn" steady state waveforms and gotten great results!
>   (you can graft waveforms together!)
>      Well, just wanted to get my two cents worth in on this thread...
>                             Duane B.

   Yeah this synth is great. Expecially for the price. I just recently
bought another  for $100 plus a service manual. It's missing it's keys and
disk drive though.  

   There's two 8 point EGs. One for VCF and VCA. The VCF can be 12db or 24
db per octave and the polarity of the EG can be flipped. Hey Duane ! Have
you found the resonance tripot yet?  I know this baby can screach somehow.
When I get the service manual I fill you all in  [or mabey Duane privitely
:) ] on those curtis chip numeros.
    Oh yeah, Can't forget about those built in digital delays. The DSS-1 has
two delays. Each has one sine wave pitch modulator that can be frequency
modulated. And one delay can be routed into the other. Very wicked flanging
can be patched out of this beast!!  
And it has a noise generator and two detunable OSCs and a LFO for the OSC's
and a LFO for the VCF and a etc, etc.. Now it's time to mod it. 

Thanks for hearing my two cents,

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    that shit is High Voltage!"  Fab 5 Freddy       
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