FW: chassis grounding

Lahlum-FLR111 Ross ross_lahlum at msmail.wes.mot.com
Fri Aug 9 14:33:16 CEST 1996

Barry & list,

The chassis should be connected to ground at one point only.  Anything else you
put in the chassis should have its ground connected to that point as well.

To: synth-diy at horus.sara.nl
From: Barry Bernard on Fri, Aug 9, 1996 1:17 PM
Subject: chassis grounding

Hi list,

  I have a question. I am building my ASM-1 project in a metal chassis. Should
the chassis be connected to ground or not ? The holes for the mounting
screws on the board are smack in the middle of the ground traces, but I
could use plastic
standoffs if this isn't a good idea. what do you think ?


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