chassis grounding

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Sat Aug 10 00:59:54 CEST 1996

     Within a self-contained system such as a synthesizer I always just 
     ground everything together - the circuit board ground, the panel, the 
     jacks, the box, and the third prong of the AC power cord. Works fine 
     for me so far. I think that you only run into ground loop problems 
     when interconnecting machines together whose AC power comes from 
     different and/or distant outlets.
     You can lift the synthesizer housing from the third prong if you want 
     to avoid potential ground loop problems. What I would do in that case 
     is make sure that the power supply ground terminal (usually the center 
     tap of the bipolar supply transformer winding) is connected to the 
     box, jacks, and circuit board ground.
     - Gene
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Subject: chassis grounding
Author:  yrrab at (Barry Bernard) at ccrelayout
Date:    8/9/96 11:03 AM

Hi list,
  I have a question. I am building my ASM-1 project in a metal chassis. Should
the chassis be connected to ground or not ? The holes for the mounting 
screws on the board are smack in the middle of the ground traces, but I 
could use plastic
standoffs if this isn't a good idea. what do you think ?

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