Building modular synths - a question

Donald Johnson donaldj at
Thu Aug 8 20:35:10 CEST 1996

Ric Miller wrote:

. Date: Thu, 8 Aug 1996 12:36:00 -0500
. From: rmiller at (Aural Research Facilities)
. Subject: Building modular synths - a question
. Is there anyone else in Canada, that builds modular synthesizers, than
. myself?  At this moment in time, I'm the only person that I know of in this
. country, that builds them for myself, as well as other people.
. Background for the question:  I'm very open to discussing electronics in
. this area, as well as synth building subjects.
. Take care all,
. Ric


I live in Vancouver (British Columbia). I haven't been as active as I was
a number of years ago. However, I am preparing to do some more building soon.
If you don't think this discussion is of interest to the group(s), e-mail me.


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