SID chip

Magnus Danielson e93_mda at
Thu Aug 8 01:18:37 CEST 1996

> > Well, fooling around with 3 VCOs and the filter was probably the trick :)
> Nope, they way i've seen numerous C-64 coders (i'm one too, you should
> see what can be done on the C-64 nowadays!) do it, is to
> really fast modify the volume, like the way you play samples through a
> PC-Speaker (believe me, I KNOW!)

Zooo.... you beleive that the software generated samples and then used the
volume control... well I know you can *play* samples on this thing... but
actually *generate* samples I have a hard time to beleive on a 1 MHz 6510...
But maybe this is what they did... must go and dissasable the thing... if I 
only could go and have that software fully compiled (it got stuck).

SAM where/is able to generate sound with a very small delay from that of
pressing enter to somthing like:

	say "Hello World!

You could also tweek parameters... have to check if they where *live* 
With some effort you could get it to say things in something that vagly 
resembled to swedish... but I guess most of you don't consider that the most
important thing... rigth? :)

I did BTW find not only one but two softwares which will allow me to play the
SID througth a MIDI interface.. which I also found the drawings of... not at
all far from what I had in mind.

I can strongly recommend for anyone
haveing similar interests.

The SAM software and it's internals is uninvestigated by me...

Hope this thread does not annoy to many people... rather enjoying people and
inspire them to do weird things with what they got lying around...

I have these old 5.5 MB and 11 MB drives.. how about a weird echo unit...

Naaww... they do too much sounds by them selfs... but not like that 13 MB
2 x 15" diskpack DEC drive that I got.... 100 kg it weigths.... you should see
the voicecoil it uses for headtracking....


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