All kinds of things.....

Erik The ViKing E.G.P.Schuijers at
Wed Aug 7 21:18:43 CEST 1996

First of all, in response to weird Fatman behaviour; I've just built a fat
guy and it didn't work at first. After checking the digital part I really
got frustrated because everything seemed to be in order. So as a comparison
I did the same measurements on the MCV1..... he why the heck doesn't the
gate light???? I ran down from the attic to my pentium connected it and
voila.... But then, we're not there already, two strange things happened.
First of all it doesn't seem to matter which C# I play whether this is C#1
or C#3 I ALWAYS get the same frequency off of the oscillators!!! Suggestions
anyone? The second thing: something the Gate hangs. The LED keeps on burning
and only shutting it off resets the whole bit!!! Another suggestion anyone?

Secondly I've partially finished the ASM-1 board and everything seems to be
working fine!! (1 VCO, VCF, Noise, 2 ADSR, 2 VCA) But how are these
front-panel thingies coming or should I see for myself???

Some more comment on the Fatman: I like the way the filter sounds!!! Real
smooth, but I don't like the freq. range of the filter... does anyone know
how to improve this??

BTW thanks to Scott for help on the Rez moddie!


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