SID chip

Magnus Danielson e93_mda at
Thu Aug 1 19:02:33 CEST 1996

> >There was this little software called SAM which could do this... I still
> have 
> >it!
> >I must fool around with it some day...
> Send me a copy and I'll fool with it too :)

I will as soon as I have figured out how to read those floppies from any of
my machines....

I know there where this serial bus thing you could do on the parallel port...
got to find it again (some more nigth web/ftp browesing... I allready have a
good idea of where to look :).

> > The CV input would be cool, its only 4 bit resolution tho I think. How
> would
> > you do a gate????
> >8 bit...
> >Gate input is certainly possible... lot's of unused inputs...
> Yea, spotted this in the Docs after I e-mailed, thats pretty good resolution
> (for a machine of its vintage)  for a dual CV interface ....
> Or manual pot control assignable to various values in software. I have
> thought recently about the possibilities of using one of my many C64'S (I
> just keep buying them for peanuts at car boot sales...) as an effects
> processor on one of the Auxialliaries on my mixer. The more I think about it,
> the madder ideas I keep getting for a nutty effects box....

You see!!! This is like a virus! This mad, nutty idea spreads...

How about midified SAM????

Got ta dig out my old speak-n-spell as well... how about hooking that on as an
auxillary too????

[exmh mailer comment:
Could somebody call for those guys in the white robes... this guy is nuts for


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