Harmonics and Phase

Scott Gravenhorst chordman at cris.com
Thu Aug 1 18:28:17 CEST 1996

It is my understanding that when two waveforms are combined, it makes
no difference what the phase relationship is as long as it is
constant.  Is this true only of two sine waves or of any two wave
forms?  The reason I ask is that I am designing a 'wave folder' and it
will effect the design.  What I am doing is taking a saw waveform and
'folding' it at a setpoint (determined by a CV).  This is done by
biasing an op amp so that part of the wave is negative and part is
positive (the bias is really the CV).  Then I diode clip and invert
this signal.  This is then amplified (variable gain, maybe CVable) and
added (really subtracted because of the inversion) back to the
original.  If the gain is exactly 2, and the setpoint is exacly 1/2
the saw voltage, this would produce a triangle.  Now if phase doesn't
matter, I should not need to allow adding of the waves as well as
subtracting.  My question is: will I need to allow for both adding and
subtracting or just one?

-- Scott G.  (Synthaholic)

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