SID chip

jupiter4 jupiter4 at
Thu Aug 1 12:12:51 CEST 1996

>>This chip where even able to do synthezied voice...

wow, how did they manage to do that?

>Maybe it's time for a DIY project in order to allow the SID chip to be MIDI
>controlable... the external hardware can be kept down to a very minimum if
>rigth (a TTL buffer, a optocoupler, some resistors and somewhere to pick a
>clock for the serial interface). I think a live display of parameters could
>done easily. Of course you can insert a external signal into it and you can
>also get two (rougth) CV inputs!!!

I thin I have a design for a MIDI interface for it in an old Maplin
Electronics mag...

The CV input would be cool, its only 4 bit resolution tho I think. How would
you do a gate????

>Did you know that you can combine the output waveforms of a VCO in order to
>*odd* waveforms? You may also get the VCO stuck.... a well...

Yes I thought that was DEFINATELY one to try when I read that unpredictable
output results from this :)

Cheers, Dave ...

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