Counters for sequencers

Dave's Synth account jupiter4 at
Tue Apr 30 10:44:32 CEST 1996

Hi all,

Analog sequencers is something I am into.

I am currently planning to build the one in
Mike Berry's book : Electronic Synthesizer Projects (long out of print)
I got this book in 1981...
His is quite a nice design with its own clock/divider and decade
counter. Its basically a 2 channel 10 step (due to decade counter), a 4017.

I was thinking that while I'm waiting for my friend to get the PCB's etched
I might build a slave for my Roland 182 sequencer.

Nice simple design based on a 4 bit binary counter and a 4051 analogue
mux chip. 

The roland outputs 14v gate pulse so I need to be able to drive the
counter directly from 14v. I can't remember the name of the
one I saw (err yes I can) it was the 4510. This has up/down count too. The 3 bit 
count from this
goes to ythe 3bit address input of the 4051. Bit 4 to reset. If this chip don't burn
from the gate pulse I should get a nice 3 bit count direct to the 4051.
Each of the 8 inputs to the 4051 is driven from a pot tied to +supplyvolts.
PSU for the whole thing will be 10 to 15v. I know this circuit works in principple
because I built one about 6 years ago as a digital mixer clocking at about 2 Mhz. The 8
inputs being analogue audio signals.

Cheers, Dave ...

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