(Henry Ring Mod)

Isac Georg Jensen c908369 at student.dtu.dk
Tue Apr 30 10:15:27 CEST 1996

cgould at gate.net wrote:
> > I don't know if/think he knows about this mailing list.
> > >I've just built the Thomas Henry Ring Mod from Build A Better (non-working:))
> > >Synthesizer and it doesn't work. I was wondering if there are any errors in
> > >this schematic. I think the inputs to the 3080 are reversed which I switched
> > >but still no ring modin'
> Hmm... I was wondering about the circuits in the Henry book Build a
> Better Synthesizer myself... so far, it's the only book I've found in my
> library that seems to have fairly complete VCO, VCA, etc. schematics...
> the only problem is that it uses the increasingly rare SSM and CEM chips
> to build the synths. Also, compared to some of the circuits I've seen
> online, the schematics seemed... complex, I guess. Lots of parts
> (particularly for things like the Supercontroller, where it seems like
> the seperate components could have been built a lot EASIER without the
> out-of-print SM76477 noise chip from TI)
> Has anyone had much success with these circuits?
I have (At least with some of them). 
I build the VCO, (CEM 3340), with linear and exponential FM, PWM, hard
and soft sync, etc. I'm really satisfied with the VCO. The Ring-mod on
the other hand..
I constructed the Ring modulator as descibed in the book, powered it on,
threw in a triangle and sinus signal. Hmmm... I'm no pro at this thing,
even knowing what a Ring-mod should sound like!) but I can tell that
is wrong ! (But i DO get sounds, and that's what it's all about, isn't
it ? :-)

Any info would be appreciated!



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