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Sun Apr 28 01:10:19 CEST 1996

> The quality of electrotrash that comes my way at the Univ. gets better all
> the time. I can pick up MAC SEs
> for pennies, and people give me MACPLuses. I'm not a digital kind of guy but...
> Doesn't it seem like it would be possible,that somebody out there, could
> design a simple serial interface for the Mac, to convert MIDI to control
> voltage.Between the flexibilty of the APPLE midi manager software and a
> little DAC conversion, a little programming here and there, wouldn't it be
> great to use those 1000's of useless computers as very useful slaves ?

Well, one of the guys on this list is planning to make a MIDI-CV out of
an 8088, so I imagine it's not that impossible...

Frankly, I'm surprised MIDI-CV units have remained as expensive as they
are. I mean, geesh, the hardest part of a MIDI-CV is the assembly
code... and yet all the Kenton units I've seen run in the $500-$2000
list price range. If I knew more assembly (I'm a programmer by nature,
but I'm not too good at straight assembly yet), I'd probably get a ROM
programmer and a few parts and make the unit myself... unfortunately,
that hasn't happened yet. Oh, well. (: 

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