Rick's oscillators... was Re: AN299 VCO

Rick Jansen sscprick at horus.sara.nl
Fri Apr 26 09:15:59 CEST 1996

In message <9604241749.AA00604 at zeus.ief-paris-sud.fr> you write:
> Rick Jansen's oscillators
> http://www.sara.nl/Rick.Jansen/Emusic/VCO/VCO.html
> are based on the CA3046, but he doesn't connect the famous pin 13 to -V ?
> Maybe one can change the heater and temperature sensor reference to -V...

Note that above referenced schematics are just scetches and ideas,
they're not finished or even tested circuits!

Rick Jansen
rick at sara.nl   http://www.sara.nl/Rick.Jansen
S&H's a module and s&h's looking good

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