n-voice programmer ideas

Kevin Lightner majmoog at leonardo.net
Thu Apr 25 20:56:37 CEST 1996

Randy Jones writes-

>>We had this topic a while ago, and I won't bring up pro's and cons
>>again, but I have taken another deep look into those n-voice
>>keyboard scanning schematics last weekend.
>Have you looked at the Programmer schematics?  Kevin Lightner
>had an idea that by adding a "program switch" function via a
>trigger input, one could make a very strange, but perhaps
>usable, 8 or 16 step sequencer.  With all the parameters of
>the programmer on each step, this would be quite powerful!
>I looked at doing this, but I don't quite trust myself to design
>such a mod for my 4-voice yet.  I can see, perhaps, how to make
>an 8-step input using some kind of octal
>switch shorting out the buttons.  But how to switch between
>1-8 and 9-16 was beyond me.  Maybe having only 8 steps would
>be okay.
>If anyone gets interested in this and ends up looking into it,
>let me know what you come up with!

I've actually put the programmer = sequencer idea on the shelf for now.

Although it would all seem to work, (and it wouldn't appear too hard to
make some logic function that does a carry out to the 8-16 switch or flip
flops it after every 8 counts), but alas, there is NO WAY TO EDIT THE

This bugs me since I would have to approximate the same env and patch
settings for any edit I needed.

I actually have a Sequential Circuits model 700 programmer here cut up into
a Moog module  and it's modified with a clock in for the same purpose.
(does anyone want this thing!?)


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