Can anyone else help this chap out? (Henry Ring Mod)

Ullrich Peter ullrich at
Thu Apr 25 07:37:21 CEST 1996

> Lots of parts
>(particularly for things like the Supercontroller, where it seems like
>the seperate components could have been built a lot EASIER without the
>out-of-print SM76477 noise chip from TI) 
>Has anyone had much success with these circuits?

The first synth I have built was with the SN76477 (this was 1983). Nice for
the beginner but cannot be seen as fully replacement of an analog synth.
There is no "new pitch detector" and I think no S/H circuit that holds the
pitch if the key is released. If you just want to build just a little effect
synth for live acts try to build one and put it into an old "Melodica"-case
(I don´t know the name of it in English... You have to blow and then you can
play the keys... ideal beginning for kids...).

But remember that the chips are really rare. It would be hard to find some.
If anybody needs a few of them I think I have a few spare parts...


PS: Remember that I am on holiday the whole may...

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