Circuit Board Update 4/23 (fwd)

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Wed Apr 24 18:13:27 CEST 1996

     This is a really good question - although the Electronotes VCO that 
     I'm using has linear FM inputs, I don't have any linear CV equipment 
     at all so I can't try it to see if it will work.
     The linear FM inputs on the VCO go into the summing node of the 
     reference op-amp in the exponential converter. Does anyone know if 
     this is the proper type of linear FM for V/Hz operation? I never got 
     into the difference between CFD and CMI linear FM.
     Also, what is the scale factor in a linear synthesizer? Is is 1V/1000 
     Hz, or some number like that? Is a PAIA the same as an MS-20? Once a 
     scale factor is established, how do you set the initial frequency? Can 
     two linear VCO's be made to track a musical interval, other than 
     Hey maybe John Simonton can answer this....
     - Gene
     gstopp at

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Subject: Re: Circuit Board Update 4/23 (fwd)
Author:  Steve Holloway <shollowa at> at ccrelayout
Date:    4/24/96 5:24 AM

I would also be interested in the PCB that Gene has designed.
One point though, do the VCO's have both V/Hz and V/Octave CV's ?
- just thinking it might be nice to use the linear CV that I have on my 

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