portamento circuit

Aural Research Facilities rmiller at pangea.ca
Tue Apr 23 01:26:40 CEST 1996

>From: majmoog at leonardo.net (Kevin Lightner)
>I have an Emu modular's lag processor here.
>It has a Lin to Log pot
>a up rate pot
>a down rate pot
>VC inputs and attenuators for both up and down rates

Hmmmm.  This is interesting.  I wonder what would be more bother:  Trying to
design my own, or reverese engineering yours.  Probably the latter, as I
don't have the circuit board that you do.  :)

>A fairly simple circuit, I might try reverse engineering this and doing an
>Electronics Workbench simulation (then nice schematic for free!)

Unless Elec.Wobe. now has pots and OTAs, I wouldn't bother.  The lack of
these two items are why I gave up on it back at Version 3.0.  (Especially
the lack of pots).

> Anyone else think this sucker is neat?
>(I know, Serge must make something like this too!)

It's neat enough to me that I might give some thought to designing one of my

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