pwl mistracking

Cord Mueller cord at
Mon Apr 22 19:40:53 CEST 1996

>Almost no detuning in the upper octave, and a certain amount of
>detuning at the lower octave, and some different settings in between.
>It does make a difference: With just a linear scale error you usually
>get too much beating somewhere (for example it's unpleasant
>in the 4th octave when you have zero-beating on the top note of
>the 5th octave and the desired bass detuning in the 1st octave).
>With my method, you I can get very close to (my subjective) optimum.
>Then I added a slight LFO modulation to the scanning position, which
>brought in additional slight variation. Really nice!
>BTW (for Xpander users): Is this also possible with the Xpander's
>ramp generators? From what I have heard it should, but I don't know
>if the resolution is good enough there for good results. Anyone
>tried this?

I guess you mean the tracking generator. And yes, it works and also the
resolution is fine enough (at least for my ear). 


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