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>Hi,I am H.Suzuki Japanese synth diyer. I joined mailing list 2 weeks ago and
>read a hot discussion about SSM2040 every day.
>So I wish to use such a nice sounding IC but it is hard to find in Japan. 
>Please let me know anyone how to get these hot ICs.
>-- cur402e at ------ Hiro/Japan -------------------------------

Great to hear about DIY interest from half-way around the world!  I'm really
sorry, but the three SSM2044 Low Pass Filter chips that I had, have all been

These old chips, except for the few that are still being manufactured by
Curtis (CEM chips) and Analog Devices (SSM chips), are rare and in extremely
short supply.  When they are advertised on Synth-DIY or Analogue-Heaven,
they go fast!
And generally to those who need them to repair old hardware that requires them!

Again, I'm sorry, but I don't have any left.

Bob Zimmer

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