Rare chips (CEM3340, etc.) found?

cgould at gate.net cgould at gate.net
Fri Apr 19 22:43:32 CEST 1996

In my continuing search for CEM 3340s to build vast amount of projects
from, I called OnChip Systems (as per messages before)... the person
I spoke to DID indicate that they were still making them, and that they
had some in stock. (I personally figured that they had to not be THAT
rare... there's a newish synthesizer that was produced, Control
Synthesis's Deep Bass Nine, that used a CEM 3340...)

I'm only interested in CEM 3340s personally, but supposedly other CEMs
are in stock currently... 

Pricing was $15 per chip. Plus a flat $6.50 shipping and
handling for up to 100 pieces in the US. Personally, I'm not sure how
many CEM 3340s people want, but is anyone interested in spreading the
S/H charge as thinly as possible and grouping together for a large CEM
3340 order? Elsewise I'll have to bite a bundle of that shipping charge...

I also saw a place that was selling SSM2020s, SSM2040s, and SSM2050s for
$30 each. <whistle> Hmm...

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