Christopher List Christopher_List at sonymusic.com
Fri Apr 19 13:04:27 CEST 1996

>   by itself. Also the mic would need to go through some kind of pre-amp 
  >   to bring it up to a level that will control the VCA, which would 
  >   probably be a gain of 5 above "line level", so you'd need a pretty hot 
  >   pre-amp.
This relates to something I've been thinking about lately.
What are the standard levels for synth outputs? Do those of you who've built 
modulars run your synth's main mixer outputs at the same level as the inputs or 
do you attenuate them? My modular's signals are much hotter than the rest of my 
gear - but I left it that way just so that I would know that Vin = Vout for my 
VCA's with 5v CV.
When you see something saying it can handle "+4dB" - that's +4 relative to 
what? There's some kind of audio industry standard for this - right?

- Thanks,

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